Jim WoodSpaceHose.com, a portal sub-division of Investor Commune (sole proprietor license registered in Laguna Hills, CA, August, 2015), the creation of James Dante Wood (Jim Wood), the consummate “eccentric, epileptic-eclectic”, perfecting his “adapt, improvise, and overcome” robots, working for you, as it always worked for him, even as a philosophy before he wrote one character of code or built his first erector set!

Jim is a 30-year hardware, software engineering veteran with degrees in physics, computer science, micro-computer repair, and graphic design. Jim is best known for Border Fence Project and No Invaders, the brain-child of the Minuteman movement, raising $2.5 million for the reinforcement of double-cattle fencing on the U.S.-Mexican border with chain-link fabric and the re-invention of covert solar powered cameras with day/night vision and satellite/subscriber unit uploads to the Internet, with motion-sensing capabilities, a much better and cheaper solution than prohibitively more expensive government technology meant to fail by design. Civilian internal enforcement also effective with illegal-employer sanctioning with INS scrape-and-expose pages from formerly inaccessible databases, with a new civilian complaint filing mechanism for new allegations, e-mailed/faxed to ICE offices, and repetitively endorsed and relayed by new surfers.

Up Your Nose with a Rubber HoseJim was instrumental as a failure analysis engineer for southern California working for Morton Thiokol, a leader in avionics and parts for the Space Shuttle program, and Silicon Valley firms in the 1980’s and 1990’s, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for new and saved business, analyzing cause of failure of printed circuit boards, microprocessors, and hard drive components, specializing in software simulations for math-curve regression, interpolation and extrapolation studies, extensive histogram (data distribution) analysis of topographical, particle-size distribution, and other analysis for high-resolution microscopes and spectrometers, with image processing and analysis. Jim’s other specialties include inverse hyperbolic navigation (homing devices, radio telemetry). This was tied into police-health-tech camera surveillance instrumentation, coupled with alarms, proactive seek and recover software/hardware combinations, made possible with Minuteman operations in California and Arizona between 2004 and 2010 (see Jim Wood Wall Street Journal Interview, March, 2010).

Jim, as a Web developer and designer, and network architect specializing in open source LAMP applications, has designed as a self-employed one-man dot-com tens of thousands of Web pages with hundreds of applications to suit all known critical Internet applications. He is one of the contributors to Adminder.com, the first ROI tracking system, designed PHP-wrappers (the predecessor to content management systems) for loan-lead-capture firms, developed the entertainment system for Air Force I, created Snap Tax and AI customer service support installations/library-additions for Turbo Tax, and developed OOP and CPA revenue share and two-way cable ratings/demographics-checkers and tracking systems for commercial TV advertising.

James Dante Wood
Sole Proprietor, SpaceHose.com

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