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Join now for what will be rising stock values before they decline in value for a space program projected to create highly profitable satellite launches within 2-5 years with the first Space Hose/Elevator/Base Station/Space Station combination, and potentially profit of polymer and carbon nanotube applications from terrestrial applications before then.

The first revenue stream here will be used to incorporate. The below form will poll you for questions to be used for how to set up the firm. I am proposing a weighted-average industrial democracy firm, (see where all members here will automatically be on the board of members and will login after initial subscription and vote on everything through an Internet polling system with 24-hour-cloture period (termination of voting period) where the value of your vote is weighted on how much you spend as a member here monthly. You may change your vote in that 24 hour period as many times as you want. There will be a topic post and commenting forum to help the better educated voters enlighten those less informed for a vote redo. Any member can propose a topic for voting. Also, there is a rating system with the number of rates counted, with keyword relevance also causing searches for pertinent information on how to vote adequately assisting the member, so voters/re-voters have a better idea how others feel about topics where educated replies with screenshots, links to high ranking websites, verified results to MathCAD computations, computer simulations, etc., that can effect the final voted-on results for the best.

You will also have a chance to be a paid worker, not just entrepreneur/investor combination, see application below for acceptance criteria/compensation.

Plus, profit sharing is always a function of what you spend as a percentage of the pool, all paying board members considered. So if your monthly contribution is 50% of the pool, you will get 50% of the profit of for that month, paid to your PayPal account by the 15th of the following month.

So in summary, while votes can affect policy to change company charter a number of different ways, I suggest the following for a charter:
1. Profit sharing, where profit is the money left over after costs are paid, is evenly divided by the amount the board members pay in subscriptions/monthly dues, based on the percentage of dues they pay, and allocated to each member the 15th of the following month
2. Job proposals, for parts and labor, are the responsibility of the member to post a job offered, or respond to a post at the help wanted forum, to solicit work and get revenue from individual forum members who actually pay. There needs to be an agreed upon time limit where bidding ends, and job proposer must decide to terminate job consideration or resubmit. The needed funds go to one of several possible bonded escrow accounts, until minimum needed to complete first or successive phases of a project are transferred to the worker (who may manage or represent a group) else transferred back to contributors if amount does not meet the minimum amount stipulated by one of the contributing individuals
3. Contributing individuals, or customers, share in profit or loss where bonded escrow services (and you need competition between escrow sub-groups, who may be, in some cases, members themselves) with enforcement through encryption, not trust, as PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. money transfers are password protected accounts (with e-mail sent to inbox for verification, hints created, limited log-in re-tries, and SMS password re-assignment for change/verification), where one escrow sub-group can set-up payment processors for allocating percentages of gross right at the instance of each purchase of job applicant’s product/service, which are percentages job applicant and investors agree on, and the pool or community gets the same percentage of gross versus that of one or more individual investors in terms of what community invests.

So, let’s say the job applicant gets 10%, two contributors agree to share remaining 90%, if community needs to fund additional $1,000 of a $2,000 contract, the community is 50% vested, so 50% of gross goes to the community, 22.5% to each of two individual investors, and 5% goes to the worker – no need for one month delay in payment, lawyers, contracts, etc.
4. For  forums – follows, likes, shares, votes, ratings, keyword relevance, and categorical information are all important – keep it simple and make it mostly subjective, not objective, where these values, shared and not private, affect the ability of member to win contracts (and that includes escrow members and investors who receive many levels of replies with likes, ratings, etc. to affect their ability to win contracts or be solicited for them), and promote them, but:
a. Because the individual has more control over his/her own destiny than the group, and there will always be conflict over the fairest way to allocate community funding, individual contributions should at first decide what projects are actually funded, but as for the membership dues and group profit/deficit treasury money:
b. The pro-community aspect, which is profit sharing, dictates that members “collectively” benefit when the bonded escrow agents automatically transferring a percentage of membership dues/treasury-money based on “pre-Raterank”, as discussed at (under construction) for any ratings/votes, possibly coupled with individual contributions. For all funds in the treasury, let’s say there are 10,000 members, and a one week long proposal terminates, with 100 members giving the project an average rating of 8 (based on 0 to 10, or 4 of 5 stars). This means 8 x sum of 1 to 100 of [1/n!]/e (natural log e = 2.71…), pretty close to 8, deprecated slightly, much more so with only 2 votes. If the rating is 2, then for anything below 5, the adjusted score is 2 x e/(the sum of 1 to 100 of [1/n!]), close to 2, deprecated slightly, but improved with only 2 votes, as bad scores improve because of lack of votes. For now, decisions to fund by community should be weekly, say Monday, 12 noon PST, where for any one project, the percentage of pre-Raterank of 1/4 the treasury money (for 1/4 of a month), combined with individual contributions, to determine if funding all projects minimum request is enough, ranked by highest pre-Raterank first. For projects that fail, a new iterative (recursive) calculation is done to see, if two or more projects fail because of lack of community funding, the ones that still rank higher but miss by the smallest margin, if there is enough funding, will qualify on second round, and escrow people will move forward.
5. Those who opt-in to the news letter will be compensated as referrers for signing-up referrees, and you will earn points just for signing-up and being a referree. 35% of total revenue with go to opt-in pyramid subscribers, who will receive free randomizing bulk e-mail extraction and transmission software with instructions. Please see for explanation.

The summary of 1.-5. is my best to deal with “the burden of voter responsibility” when you have too many members and not enough voters. Any change to this charter, if proposed as ballot/poll measure at members’ forum, must be approved by a majority vote of the total number of members, say more than two-thirds if two-thirds are voting, at the instance the poll is set-up, voting, with 24-hour cloture.

Until we incorporate and my percentage commission is voted on (I do not want salary), my percentages of the gross here of membership fees, as sole proprietor of, are as follows:

If monthly gross is <$1,000 => 20%,

if monthly gross =>$1,000 and less than $10,000 => 15%,

For any monthly gross =>$10,000 => 10%

I will verify all income and expenditures with screen shots, receipts, and testimonials.

Join now and cancel anytime here easily and cancel recurring billing at PayPal when not satisfied.

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