Be a Space Tourist!

Please feel free to donate any amount of your choice.

As a donor, your name, contact information, and e-mail address from PayPal will be stored as a leading candidate for space tourist, and/or be hired to work in space, with training and deployment to multiple missions to GEO orbit, and possibly beyond. You will also be a possible winner of a monthly lottery or raffle-ticket winner, with awards including jackets, t-shirts, caps, mugs, buttons, pens, placards, etc.

On our blog, we will have receipts and video testimonials confirming your money is going to the cause. Join the newsletter to stay abreast of progress and all efforts to promote an capitalize on our much needed space elevator and  capitalize on greatness.

100% of your donations go to the cause, and this will be verified. Employees here earn capital from memberships, profit, other forms of revenue collection.


Donations will first be used for:

  1. Incorporation as a tax-free corporate enterprise
  2. Software simulation for materials/stress analysis, other factors, purchase of software/software engineer labor (I will try to do myself with cooperation of scientists who charge little to nothing)
  3. The planning phase of the development and deployment of:
    1. Re-usable rockets
    2. Space hose/cable
    3. Elevator
    4. Re-positioning capsule with filters, electolysis
    5. Counterweight
    6. Earth starting station (launch bay with sea vessel)
    7. Space station


Thank you very much.


James Dante Wood

Sole Proprietor,