Braided Hoses

CC with Braided CNT in the Middle
A less expensive alternative using 20-50 cm long CNT tubes available now, in a pure, easily accessible Kevlar coaxial cable, which has about the same density, but a lot more tensile strength. However, if reinforced in the very center with braided long CNTs, it will never be stretched to its limit. Here, the chain is as strong as the strongest link, not the weakest

The videos at the bottom of the page show how braided hoses are made with stainless steel, but can apply to long CNT cylinders or SCG ribbons. The hose is elastic but unbreakable in the z direction. CNTs up to 1/2 meter have been manufactured with the potential to go further. Longer CNTs means a higher Young’s modulus under ideal circumstances, but areal density goes down when you create tubes longer than 20 cm. This is explained by the Schultz-Flory distribution theory. The goal is to improve their catalyst activity probability as much as possible, for something on the km scale.

There will be an overlap of these 20 cm to 1/2 meter tubes in the weaving or braiding process which means the softer PVP or silicone is not the weakest link (a 10 cm overlap) and diminished aerial density will not be an issue. See