Tethered Space Elevator Network

Two exaggerated elliptical orbits where the semi-major axis for every other CW is at a 90 degree angle, so CW, SS, etc. move in a circle
When all four CW’s are at perigee, or the ends of semi-minor axis, the SH or cable is bent to its maximum. But because the eccentricity of the nature-binding natural elliptical orbits are highly exaggerated, the catenary bend is not that great in reality

It is possible to build four space elevator cables at 90° angles to one another along the equator (west Pacific, east Pacific, Atlantic, west Indian Oceans) such that the counterweights are tethered together with the same cable material in a circle with true circular orbits. This means no Kepler drag, as the CW’s will travel to the east in the same GEO period as the SS’s at GEO, and if the CW’s are launched initially in such a way that every other CW is in apogee phase when it is, and vice versa for perigee. The tension created by the apogee phase is canceled out by the adjacent CW’s tugging the first CW inward, so any presumed over-extension during apogee phase at the end of the semi-major axis of what was initially an elliptical orbit is canceled out, for a true man-made circular orbit for all four CW’s, and no breaking of the cable.