Sell Cable

ISP service used to be competitive, with dial-up, DSL, ISDN, and satellite competing against cable modems. Now cable modems are too dominant with very few options, or companies to choose from. Such is the case with cell phones and the $85/week versus $85/month scams.

We can mass produce coaxial cable, the same kind used for the space elevator, cheaply, to extend to more homes, offices, and independent users, replace old cables, and design better quarter-mile repeaters to alleviate bottlenecks. They can be quickly and cheaply produced by $50,000 3D printers in 60 foot columns. The profit can be used for instant contributions to and efforts to build the space elevator quickly.

We will have our own exclusive network of cable/satellite/cell phone services with back-up, cheaper, better service, faster with fewer interruptions, so let’s invest now!