Sell Your Merchandise

Space Hose T-shirtSell t-shirts, jackets, caps, buttons, mugs, pens, placards, etc., or even give them away, in exchange for placing the logo you design with your username (when you sign-up and login here) with the URL of our site and your username after the domain in the logo. For example, if you sign-up as a member and your unique username is “spok”, promote the URL “” and when the surfers come here and buy anything, you earn affiliate commission! For now, the commission will be 20% of total revenue, for the merchandise sold here, memberships, stock options, lottery tickets, gambling/gaming, advertising, and a future store. The percentage of sales (memberships, other revenue streams) you send to this site of all the affiliate redirect pages (tracking URL’s, cookies, and sales’ confirmation code track everything, and recurring billing means a potential indefinite source of revenue!) will be the percentage of 20% of total revenue you get. I will subtract the cost of the program for hose/cable (SH), space station (SS), earth starting station (ESS), rockets, space station at GEO (SS GEO), counterweight (CW), extended cables, elevators, as well as labor, costs of lottery, gambling/gaming service, advertising, wholesale on future store, hosting, domain registration, and other Web services. is good for buying anything wholesale in bulk, spending much less per unit. Get together with family, other relatives,  friends, co-worker, and/or start a pool of investors with the forums here.

Join here and start your merchandise business, to get your URL out there for employing our needed and most unprecedented series of missions. Promote your store with very inexpensive-to-free 100%-permission-based robot advertising (MLM for SEO/e-mail, CPA-pyramid building, self-sustaining, critical to ending spam and micromanagement), at and the solution to the 4 “paradoxes” of Google with rater-credits-rewarded outstanding organic content, pages and back-links rated, commented on, comments rated, search engine with social media, keywords and demographics, black-hat robot proof (there is hope for humanity!) at

Once you have created a logo, use it as an image file, or a photograph verifying it has been placed on t-shirt, mug, etc., and upload the information with the form below: