Woodward-Lazar Spacecraft (WoLaSc)

According to Ernst Mach, inertia (resistance to acceleration, like when you hit the brakes on your car and your body moves forward) is the result of gravity produced by mass, an inter-connect of all the mass in the universe. Some say it leads to a “stargate” effect, which might explain people mysteriously disappearing instantly, like those in the Bermuda or Lake Michigan triangles.

James Woodward
James Woodward

As a play on Einstein and general relativity, the same year he proposed this in 1915, the four forces, including gravity, electromagnetism (EM), nuclear strong, and nuclear weak forces, all have wave-particle duality (sometimes they are a wave, sometimes they are a particle, depending how and when you detect them), and have attractive as well as repulsive forces. For EM, like particles (both negative, or both positive) repel, opposing charges are attracted to each other. With gravity, it has particles called gravitons, it also has detectable waves, and a repulsive force seen when two black holes are near each other, called dark matter. This might create ant-inertia (and 5-dimensional inertial-anti-inertial space-time-parallel reference frames?) with anti-gravitons, that probably travel at frequencies different than that of light matter, and can be collected (filtered) to prevent high Mach forces (multiplied by earth’s gravitational constant g, also named after Ernst Mach) from crushing you to death, hence the “no seat belt” feature you see on “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”. However, when accelerating toward light speeds when approaching the event horizon of a black hole, while the severe difference of gravitational pull, because of what is called the gradient, between head and feet is so high, your feet should fall faster than your head, inertia compensates and you should be stable with no known pre-calculated Mach-10-plus concerns. This may also apply when entering dual micro-singularities of high density objects spinning in opposite directions at relativistic speeds near the sun, to possible achieve the same effect, as seen in the 1985 Star Trek film “The Voyage Home”.

Two masses oscillated by transducers under changing electric power shows slight shift in transverse direction, by what is believed to be the Woodward effect.

The suggestion by James Woodward, an interpretation of Mach, as Mach lived before Einstein’s relativity propositions, is that inertia is caused by gravitons pushing on an object, much like photons pushing on a solar sail. But photons have no rest mass, gravitons do, so as with air molecules from wind pushing on a sail for a sailboat, where bigger ships, whether at sea or solar ships in space, slow down from inertia when they are bigger, counteracting any gain from the bigger sail collecting more air molecules or photons, so constant speed. A “graviton sail” or space ship with significant surface area will only travel faster with high linear speeds, and high linear or circular inertia (circular means centrifugal forces, the inertial reaction to centripetal force when you rotate or revolve) according to Woodward as a spin on Einstein and his prediction that their are gravity waves and particles. This makes it possible that you can have a flying saucer, like the kind Bob Lazar allegedly road in 30 feet high in 1989, S-4, Area 51 in Nevada (caused by heavy Mosconium atoms in center, causing an attraction for the walls of spacecraft that compromise when they cannot move inward, so revolve very quickly, much like when you pull the plug on a drain in a sink) and therefore can go deep into space without ejecting rocket propellant, which requires too much storage for deep space travel. If you are near an intense gravitational field, like the sun, or better yet a black hole, the suggestion by people like Woodward is that graviton “push” is that much greater, and even near the much lighter earth, Woodward has convincing evidence his linearly-oscillation capacitor/inductor combination under enough electromotive force from transducer expansion and contraction to move mass-coupling in a transverse direction. The Lazar craft probably moved 30 feet upward for a few minutes, as Lazar claimed, because of Bernoulli’s law for what is actually a circular air foil, a little bit of moment of inertia for objects that accelerate in a circular direction, moving in the perpendicular direction or up, maybe not as much because of the Woodward effect. Near the sun, Jupiter, or manmade singularities (see http://www.JohnTitor.com), possibly even black holes if you can travel toward them in an acceptable time, the graviton push, once calculations are made of of all humanly-achievable parameters, relativistic speeds (a trip from here to Alpha-Centauri, 4.5 light years away, may seem like only a few seconds to spaceship travels, but round trip will be at least 9 years to non-inertia-affected observers here on earth). So I have proposed several models of spacecraft, for robot inertia and speed-sensing capabilities for safety and cost consideration, and human travel as well, to verify the claims of Woodward, Lazar, Titor, and myself, Jim Wood, at space-time travel at speeds where short live spans are short are inconsequential, where earth-like planet may be 4.5 light years away, in the case of Alpha Centauri, with many other nearby solar systems. The fact that Mars has water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide at one time, with evidence of rivers, it may have served life forms. An asteroid was found in Antarctica, with the element ratio consistent of the Martian surface (probably the result of a larger asteroid hitting the Martian surface) with fossilized bacteria, not likely the result of bacteria from a cold ice surface able to seep in the the nooks and crevices. This increases the likelihood of life in many solar systems that have about the same differential as Earth and Mars. There is a good chance that with water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide known to be in the warmer interior of one of Saturn’s moons, life could be there as well. If ant-inertia cannot be harnessed soon enough, “tacking”, where the tolerance of the human body can only withstand so many g-forces for so long (shorter time periods implies you can withstand higher than the mach 10 forces withstood by some astronauts for many minutes) means you can speed up and maintain increasing speed with “crushing blows”, like orbiting in oblate-ellipses around the sun or Jupiter, first with a very close approach to capitalize on higher general relativity space-time warping effects, than tacking outward with rockets in transverse directions, for many revolutions until 99% times c (speed of light) is achieved for deep space travel.

The “bullet” shape is for easy viewing of components of ship as final result will be flying saucer shape to capitalize on Bernoulli effect for creating more wind pressure below ship than above.

WoLasc Flying Saucer
Top view of a flying saucer with all possible forms of energy for travel accommodations. If a higher diameter, flatter saucer with more Mc creation and sustainability can help achieve great Bernoulli-lift to a high altitude, while producing high voltage for a magnetic refrigerator for cooling oxygen and hydrogen to sufficiently low volumes, but used to eject burning fuel once high up in the atmosphere, it may be all that is needed for escaping earth’s gravity (19,000 mph). The nuclear rockets, which for environmental reasons can only be engaged far from earth, can capitalize of more torque, linear propulsion, and the circular oscillation needed to capitalize on the Woodward effect, while sustaining small Rydberg epochs for creating dark mass through a quark-gluon hot, dense plasma, and possibly exploit Titor multi-singularities for draw-in and sling-shot out effect when near the sun, because of its slight general relativity space-time warp-age, and hyper-accelerate to near-light speeds (faster?) with anti-inertia preventing the crushing blows of Mach-10+ forces.

My invention for the first spacecraft is called the Woodward/Lazar Spacecraft (WoLaSP), and combines (as the secret to success is to integrate many greatLazar Flying Saucer ideas, “the big picture is the sum of the little pictures”, like when you you use trends analysis to predict the future with a small margin of error, as the factors that affect the big picture may have a past of changing language that is wavelike but noisy, but the sum of all possible factors (brain-storm, look at all possible “sub-categories of sub-categories” with a fish diagram) should, in most cases, create something smooth, and you can be “scarily accurate” when predicting the future. See https://www.PandaBusters.com) Mosconium in the middle for one source of energy, all internalized, then merry-go-round rockets

A flying saucer, like a gyroscope, features astronauts in the middle who experience no movement, but there are two other degrees of freedom of the outer shells of the saucer

that expel H2/O2 fuel downward for linear travel, along a high velocity, low radius circle (necessary as centrifugal force = m x v^2 / r) for more oscillation, and try to take advantage on moment of inertia as well as any possible Woodward effect. Some fuel must be expelled outward for steering, but with turbines from rockets generating electricity for magnetic regerator (where temperatures of one nanoKelvin are possible), oxygen and hydrogen should be cooled to liquid phase and therefore a lot more compact than the hydrogen in gas phase from the external tank of the old space shuttles, making WoLaSP much more aerodynamic, and the 19,000 mph escape velocity of the earth possible. A suction can be created from inside polyamide walls of craft (titanium-mesh-reinforced Kevlar) that can suck-in what’s outside and filter it, such as the 0.2-4.0% of the atmosphere that is water vapor, if one cannot start off with enough hydrogen and oxygen for flight, using more hydrolysis for converting water into H2 and O2. Nitrogen, which is 78% of the atmosphere, can also be sucked-in, as it cools to a liquid at higher temperatures than other gases, and can be used to cool the veins of the Kevlar and/or CNT walls of the craft, so expensive tiles, like the kind that discharged from Columbia, causing the disaster of 2003, are not needed. This means atmospheric re-entry with 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit can be withstood, caused by speed and air friction, safer, better, cheaper than that of the decadent past.

particle accelerator
An example of a particle accelerator, where more stable, but some heavier, elements face neutron bombardment, and some channel though a vacuum, guided by electromagnetic forces. A greater supply of Americium and Calcium, with a more efficient particle accelerator from better, more accurate design and higher bombardment rates, possible recycling, and maybe the “catcher’s net” effect for accumulating meteors when in flight, and mining the necessary elements, are also possibilities for long term Mc gravity waves creating the Bernoulli lift with Bernoulli air lift, torque, and maybe lift from the Woodward effect.